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What Is The Definition Of Amuse

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What Is The Definition Of Amuse. ‘alicia's polite and cheerful demeanor amuses the man, and he begins to chuckle until the tender sparkle in her eye renders him silent.’. The verb amuse also means to keep busy in a pleasant way.

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As a verb, to muse is to consider something thoughtfully. If you are a passenger on a plane, you could amuse yourself with a. To fix the attention of agreeably;

To Think Or Meditate In Silence.

By being comical or humorous. | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples (əˈmjuz ) verb transitive word forms:

[ + Obj + To.

Synonyms & antonyms of amuse. Amuse to occupy or engage the attention of; A minimally unsatisfiable subformula extractor (mathematics)

To Fix The Attention Of Agreeably;

To hold the attention of (someone) pleasantly; Do or say something entertaining; To cause mirth, laughter, or the like, in:

To Appeal To The Sense Of Humor Of His Jokes Don't Amuse Me.

[noun] a state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction. I've brought an article from yesterday's paper that i thought might amuse you. Advanced multimedia services for residential users (eu project) amuse:

I Watch These Movies Because They Amuse Me.

To gaze meditatively or wonderingly. To stir (an individual) with pleasing emotions. To stir with pleasing or mirthful emotions;

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